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Social Media Sites by Linkedmediagrp

What ever happened to You Got Mail? Remember the good old days when the most complicated thing about talking on the web was choosing a witty AIM username and email address? My most famous and longest lasting AIM username was LuvSof, a name I affectionately hold dear to my heart in remembrance of simpler times.

Now I have a Klout score of 39 which according to my Professor is higher than average.  So how did I get here?

Begrudgingly and very slowly I assure you.

It’s still a learning process, but like everything else, the key to improvement is knowledge. Let’s start with the basics. What is social media exactly?

Social media is like a newspaper or a radio in that it provides information, but also, allows you the opportunity to respond and communicate back.  This interaction can be in the form of asking for your commentary, having you vote on your favorite song, or even giving you movie recommendations based on the interests of people who share the same interests as you.

Interactive Insights Group gives a really great break down of what Social Media is and lists about 9 general categories. Some sites such as On Blogging Well list 23 different types of social media.  Just reading about them made my head spin.  So I decided to use Interactive Insights Group’s idea and give you the meat and potatoes of social media in an even shorter version. With that said, I present to you . . . SOCIAL MEDIA: What the Heck it Means!

  • Blogs (like hashtagsophiapowe): A website where you can post entries as long or as short as you like in chronological order and your readers can make comments on what you have written.
  • Microblogs (like Twitter): A mini-blog, with less characters, usually updated multiple times in a day.
  • Wikis (like Wikipedia): Sites that allow users to add and edit the content of that particular website.
  • Photo Sharing (like Flickr): Sites that allow you to upload photos and share them with other viewers who can leave comments about your photos.
  • Video Sharing (like YouTube): Sites that allow you to upload videos and share them with other viewers who can leave comments about your videos.
  • Podcasts (like NPR): A digital audio that allows you listen to it whenever you like whether on your computer, media enabled cell, or MP3 player.
  • Social News (like Digg): Sites where viewers get to vote on the most popular web pages and the winning web pages get posted to the news site.
  • Bookmarking (like Delicious): Allows you to save, organize and share your website bookmarks with other people.
  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS) (like Google Reader): A one stop shop where you can visit one site to keep track of all your favorite website feeds without having to go to each site individually.  As new information comes in, your RSS feed updates automatically.
  • Social Networking (like Facebook): The ultimate social media where you connect and share (comments, stories, photos, video, the works) with other users as much or little as you like .

Phewww!! That was a lot to take in, but have no fear before you know it all this information will come second nature and you’ll be aiming for a Klout score of 100.

What’s in your social media basket?