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I often don’t get to write creative pieces like this, but recently, in a brand writing class, the opportunity arose — this is what I think a Gap apology would/should sound like. Wonder if Gap will see this ;-).

Remember the 90’s?

Gosh those were some good times!

We danced with Audrey Hepburn, in our skinny black pants, to the jams of AC/DC and grooved to Madonna and Missy Elliott as they showed off their fresh new Cord jeans! Ooh ooh remember this? They call me mellow yellow … they call me mellow yellow. Who knew how awesome a pair of khakis could really be?

We did. We all did. We were a generation of hip, adventurous, life-loving, jean; khaki and white tee wearing “Gapsters.” We were the Gap generation and we did everything together. We hung out with our friends and went on dates; got older, got jobs and ruled casual Fridays. Even as everyone grew up and started families, Baby Gap and Gap Kids were right there with you.

And then … the dreaded, embarrassing, inevitable happened.

We had a mid life crisis! Brought on by F.F.O.M.O (Fashion Fear of Missing Out).

But instead of buying a toupee or a red convertible, we tried to change our logo and swayed from our look. What were we thinking?! While trying to be “trendy,” we lost touch with our self and all of you. For that, we are sorry.

We’re returning to the good old days of awesome, true to form, quality Gap gear we all know and love.

Fall back into the Gap!

Yours truly,




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