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Manhattan, the “hilly island” or “place of inebriation,” purchased from the Algonquian Indians by the Dutch in 1626 for what is said to be mere dollars worth of beads and trinkets. Little did either know how priceless she would later become.

Today Manhattan is the financial capital of the world, a fashion capital of the world, and she will forever be known as the city that never sleeps.

And why would you?

From the bright-lights of Times Square and the scenic-serenity of Central Park, to the glorious, unmatched skyline of her eclipsing skyscrapers, each street, drenched in its own history, shares its story with every step. Her intoxicating energy fizzes through the air like freshly poured champagne. Encouraging bold and boundless exploration, she lures you in, embraces you and shows you how to really live.

She is the place dreams are made of.

Welcome to New York City!